REVIEW: Avengers - Endgame

I saw Endgame twice over the past weekend, and overall, I think it’s a pretty decent movie.

It takes an old premise (the time travel collectathon) and turns it into something that feels unique.

It shockingly lives up to the epic stakes that ten plus years of after credits sequences have set.

Most importantly, it ends all the stories that needed to be ended with a respect for the characters and audience.

So, before I go listing faults like the Isaac I am, know that more than 20 A list actors, the Russo brothers, and a gazillion animators did a fantastic job bringing this once in a lifetime movie into existence. There will never be another film quite like Endgame and the fans who think it’s a 10/10 masterpiece are fairly justified in giving it that rating…I just have a different opinion.


…okay? We good?


My problem with Endgame is that it’s not very clean.

And ya know, I think most people don’t really care about that sort of thing in these movies anymore.

Most people are happy to sit down in a familiar diner, eat one heck of a hamburger, and are totally fine with the menus being a tad grimy.

But I’m not.

I want my Marvel to be a 5-star dining experience every single time.

And this movie was a 4 star.

The music is inconsistent, unmemorable outside of the opening track, and often distracts rather than compliments.

Mountains of exposition (while needed to clear up the convoluted context this series has dug for itself) eat away at moments that could have been better used to establish character motivations and subtext.

There are certain scenes that you have to blindly accept as an audience member because they don’t make a lot of sense logically considering plot elements set up in previous films.

Fights are almost completely spectacle and don’t carry nearly the weight they did in Infinity War, the stones are basically generic collectables and don’t show off any unique properties like they did in Infinity War, and Thanos comes across as totally inconsistent between this flick and the last.


Now, let me reiterate. I liked it a lot. I had a good time watching this movie.

I felt like the people behind this 3 hour adventure completely nailed all the superhero-y aspects of a Marvel film in all the best ways.

It’s fun, sad, and all kinds of cool.

But it could have been so much better.



P.S. I am now incredibly excited for Guardians 3, Dr. Strange 2, and whatever the heck they’re gonna do with Hulk.