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The "It’s for Kids" Qualifier

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard variations of “Incredibles 2 was pretty good for a kids movie, but I wish the villain was stronger.” It’s an illogical, and in my opinion, undeserved qualifier put on what would otherwise be a totally rational opinion. You don’t give Going In Style or Hope Springs a free pass from criticism because they’re targeted at Baby Boomers. You don’t distance yourself from every John Green movie because they’re targeted at Gen Z’s. Why aren’t adults allowed to talk freely about movies if they’re targeted at kids?

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Why I Love Line Rider Reviews

Let me take you back to my 6th grade computer class. The click clack of plastic covered keyboards fills the room. A scowling middle aged woman whose name I've long forgot reads a book in the corner. The walls are cream colored, although you can hardly tell due to the hospital-esqu lighting, and every single kid I know is furiously attacking the timed typing lesson.

This is an incredibly unusual class day. My 6th grade compatriots were a bunch of hooligans who would often refuse to even attempt assignments, much less put effort into them… but on this glorious day our teacher offered us a reward if we finished early. We could play line rider.

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